Whalley Abbey, Lancashire

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These pictures of the ancient Cistercian Abbey were taken on a cold December afternoon with the winter sun low in the west. I welcome your observations as tourist, scholar, artist or cleric.

Chimneys on Retreat

The retreat at the Abbey is available for hire.

Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass
Windows Taken from the South Court this shows, on the left, two windows in the great hall and the grand staircase window to the right.

Stone Foundations

Stone Foundations Taken from the ruins, looking east, this shows the NE gateway and the wall which separates the ruins from the courtyard. The actual gateway is on the righthand face of the tower as we look at it in this photo, and the Visitor Centre runs parallel to the choir pits as shown in the picture.

East Range

East Range There are two transepts, North and South -these are the two 'arms' of the cross in the cruciform plan of the Abbey Church. The 'Domestic' block opens off the south transept, and this photo show the east face of it, as it opens onto the cloister. You are actually standing in the church as you take the photo looking through what would have been a solid wall into the cloister. The arches to the right are book cupboards, the larger arch, second to the left is the entrance to the chapter house, the left hand arch is the 'slype' --the passage through to the Abbots House and Infirmary.

Church to Sacristy Arch

Church to Sacristy
Arch This picture looks down the length of the ground floor of the 'east range', looking South. You are standing in the doorway between church and sacristy, and looking down through 1) the Sacristy, 2) the entrance to the Chapter House; 3) the Abbot's Room, 4) the Slype, and 5) the Warming Room - technically the only room in the house where conversations and fire were allowed.

Arch 2

Arch 2
My thanks to Rev. Chris Sterry, vicar of Whalley Parish Church who reviewed the photographs and provided the descriptions.

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