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Brilliant Lancashire site! For my comical guide to Lancashire Dialect, point your browser at
Dave Dutton
Lancashire, England -
Greetings from Oregon USA. Thanks for the great site. I'm researching the WALLBANK and NELSON families. My grandfather was John Wallbank, married Mary Nelson, Burnley & Colne. Any info? please email. Thanks. Cheers, Kathleen
Kathleen Shorey <>
Portland, OR USA -
Very good site. My mother-in-laws maiden name was Lassey. Her grandparents and other family members are buried in the family plot at Moorend United Reform Church, Mount Tabor, Halifax
Andrew Hadley <>
Halifax, England -
I discovered the Lassey Home Page whilst doing some research into my EVATT family history. It seems there is a link but as I am a New Zealand EVATT (the branch was established in the 1870s) I fear the connection is rather tenuous. However, WILLIAM is a family name! I would love to make contact with anyoe else interested in EVATT family history.
Alice Jane Bretton Evatt <>
Dunedin, New Zealand -
Very happy to see this page as I was surfing. I am also a past resident of Blackburn - Went to Billinge Grammar, St Hilda"s Girls (GUK) School and Blackburn College of Technology & Design (love it there) love Canada but wish I could bump into someone I know from school as I walk along the street (It never happens - Oh well can't have it all)
Nowell June(Foster) <>
Saint John, NB Canada -
Thanks for all your entries. I finally upgraded my system and now have 4Gb and a much faster system. A scanner should be here in a few days so expect graphics on these pages in the near future. If any of you have GIFs or JPGs relating to any of these pages feel free to email 'em to me or give me a URL to use and keep on adding to the Lancashire Link List - - there are over 150 links now.
Steve Lassey <>
Livermore, Ca USA -
I stumbled on your site by accident, what a great page !!! as a former blackburn resident, I was delighted to read some of the posts, I emigrated to the US in 78, would love to hear from any old blackburnians that remember me.
I'm an old Blackburnian. 67-74. Just missed the quatercentenary. My older brother, Paul (65-72) didn't and still has the mug and historybook of the school written by Pecker Eastwood. Remember him. Saw a reference to Eric Whittle in the Daily Telegraph the other day. Apparently, he ended up as headmaster before he retired. Taught us firstformers about the finer points of birthcontrol! The other entries in your guest book about Granville Road, Whalley, St Mary's College etc bring back memories. I have no connection with Blackburn anymore and have not been back since I left.
Keith Barton < >
uk -
Aberystwyth, Wales Great Britain -
I have just started looking up my geneology. I was wondering how you pronounce Lassey. Like Lassy the dog or Lacey? Mine is pronounced the latter. I wonder if there is a difference.
Sasha <>
Edmonton, AB Canada -
Great site. My wife is a Blackburn Sudell so any information would be interesting to us. We are ding some research but getting across to Preston and Blackburn when the right offices are open is not easy. Thank God (ie Bill Gates) for the InterNet.
Ian George <>
Lincoln, UK -
Very interesting.
Stephen Ribchester < >
Melbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA -
Thank you for some very interesting www sites. I have just sent a reference about Pennington Hill Castle which according to H. Swainson Cowper in the Ancient Settlements, Cemeteries & Earthwords of Furness (Kendal, CWAAS, 1889), was the earlier seat of the Penningtons before moving to Muncaster Castle, Ravenglass, Cumberland, about 1215. I continue biographical research on the Muncaster Penningtons as well as on Josslyn Pennington, 7th Abbot of Furness Abbey. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks again.
The Reverend Dr. Jasper Green Pennington <>
Ypsilanti, Mi USA -
Im originally from England, but had to move out here becouse my dad got a job. I am a 7th grade student (year 8 in England) and i found you're page realy interesting and informative, it really heled with my project.
Matthew Wright <>
San Deigo, ca USA -
Congratulations on some very informative web sites. Did you receive the information on New Hall at Garswood and Bryn Hall at Bryn that I forwarded to you? My ancestors hail from Lancashire also. I am having difficulty documenting William Benjamin Ger(r)ard and his family. William was reportedly born in Ince 21 December 1731. He married Ann Huxford of Placentia Bay, Newfoundland 3 April 1754. Their first son, Henry, was born in Ince 28 October 1756. A second son, John, reportedly was born in 1777?. Sometime before 1789 they emigrated to Canada because William was killed when he was struck by lightning on Gerard Island 4 September 1789. I need to determine his ancestry and when, how and why he came to North America. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Cheers, Roger Gerard
Roger L. Gerard <>
Gardner, MA USA -
An interesting site. I went to Witton Park School '67-'74 (too thick for QEGS). I'd like to hear from anyone researching the PICKUP name. Particularly in the Lower Darwen, Ewood, Witton areas of Blackburn.
Martyn Pickup <>
Houston, TX USA -
Excellent site, found it whilst surfing and now I'm feeling very homesick. I am an ex Blackburnian now living in New Zealand, I'm 36 yrs old and went to Billinge High School, leaving at the age of 15 in 1977. I lived on Leamington Rd, and would love to hear from anyone visiting this site, that is from that era.
Marc Baldwin <>
Auckland, New Zealand -
Great info! I am researching the WARD name in Lancashire and also interested in the WHALLEY name.
Jenny Rose <>
Donnybrook, WA Australia -
Great info! I'm interested in WARD and WHALLEY in the Lancashire area.
Jenny Rose <>
Donnybrook, WWwa Australia -
Searching for information on Dr. John Clarke of Westhorpe, Suffolk County and his nephews Joseph and Carew who were known to depart England circa 1630. Dr. John Clarke was Cambridge educated and wrote a Lexicon while in Cambridge
Glenn Clarke Bertini <F_and_S@Hotmail.Com>
Middletown, Ct USA -
Interesting info. Came across you by surfing. Am a history teacher living in Cheshire and links with Blackburn include seven years at St. Mary's College, Shear Brow. QUEGS was our arch-rival, of course. That was in the old days of 11 plus and secondary moderns - mid nineteen-sixties. Best Wishes
Karol J. Gajewski <>
Sandbach, United Kingdom -
Wonderful page and links. I am researching HARDMAN and LOUGHLIN, they all left Lancashire area about 1856. Looking for and other Hardmans and Loughlins in the area today.
A Barta <>
St Petersburg, FL USA -
This is a very interesting page. I and my wife are visiting our son in California, we are from Whalley in Lancashire, but we just might move over here if we can. keep up the good work with this page etc.
Graham <>
uk -
Looking for all Markham families of the UK.
Ken Markham <>
Germiston, RSA -
We are ex-Blackburnians who emigrated in 1975. I went to Witton High School then Billinge Grammar School, my wife, maiden name Rooney went to the Tech. & Grammar then Billinge. We are in our mid-forties. I work for a Blackburn based textile type company. I found your delightful site looking for Blackburn textiles. I am a HNC graduate of Blackburn College of Technology & Design. Keep up the good work.
Bill & Christine Harwood <>
fl USA -
Just surfing, after reading my LANCSGEN email. I was also born & raised in Blackburn, though I've been away for over 30 yrs. I didn't go to SMC, or QEGS, instead I went to Bangor St, and Griffin ( St Philips ) . I'me researching the Hession surname, my gfather came to Blackburn from Ireland via Manchester, he left three brother's & one sister there,Manchester, but our family never had any contact with them or their descendents. I think religion had something to do with it.
Roy Hession <>
Vancouver, BC Canada -
Ex-Prestonian-here 45yrs.-have done family tree back to 1550- began in Whittington-Silverdale-Warton-Lancaster-Preston in 1800 -think I am the only one to have emigrated!Should I place family tree interest on `Internet'for other Burrows ??
Bryan Burrow <>
Great pages for Lancs genealogy. My mother's family is from Blackburn and I have a Whalley in my family tree - Ellen Whalley married Henry Haworth - daughter Margaret Jane born 1845. She was my greatgrandmother. My Fieldings from Blackburn include Joseph who was mayor in the 1920s I have a super biography of him and what he did for the town.Someday I shall put it on my web pages. For now all I have is my Fielding family tree -
Denise Light <>
Grimsby, UK -
An ex Blackburnian, now living in Bucks, I honestly do miss the northern hills and, being a fisherman, the small rivers and becks, that are so easy to get to from Blackburn. Ex Technical High School (you know, under the Blakey Moor and over the baths), used to live round the corner from QEGS just off Granville Road. QEGS grows larger and larger. I was there week before last, including a trip to Whalley Abbey. It hasn't changed much except to become a "conference centre". Like your page. Lots of really useful links for Lancastrians. Keep up the good work, it is nice to know that someone has the genuine interest and the dedication to do this.
Mike Partington <>
Aylesbury, Bucks England -
Hi, found your page while searching for Thwaites Brewery, take the tour when you are in Blackburn, if you like beer that is, as a homebrewer the experience was great, aside from the fact that Thwaites Best Mild is one of the best beers I've ever had. My wife was born and raised in Darwin, Lancs. we were there last Sept.
Pat Acree <>
Corvallis, OR USA -
Happy New Year from the Nova Scotia Whalleys. I have been trying to find the birthplace of my great grandfather Joseph Whalley (born June 27,1861)for quite a while.He emmigated to Nova Scotia,Canada ~1880 from somewhere in England.
Terry Whalley <>
Orangedale, NS Canada -
Hello from down under, I'm an ex Blackburnian enjoying my life in OZ. Ex SMC with rellos all over the world, many still in the Blackburn area. All the best for 97.
dave birch <>
sydney , australia -
Hope you all have fun this holiday. Season's Greetings - Stephen, Sarah and Scott
Steve <>
Livermore, Ca USA -
Hey This is cool I've never seen anything like it before. NB The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) frequently refer to Whalley as wally!!hee hee!!funny or what??
Jenny Brocklehurst <>
Nottingham, ENGLAND -
Hello Steve. As a fellow native of Blackburn ( I went to St Mary's College), and resident of the USA, I was interested to read your home page. I miss the Rovers and Thwaites, but not much else!
Phil Singleton <>
Finksburg, MD USA -
Just received the birth announcement of Katie Nicole Peters. Sandra and Bob are delighted and her brother Danny is chuffed too. She was born November 3, 1996, 7lb 11oz and was 20 inches tall!! Congratulations....
Steve <>
Livermore, Ca USA -
Nice page. I found it while surfing for Whalleys. Do you have anything more on the Whalley branch? I believe my Whalleys come from Lancashire and moved to Bradford. I couldn't make any connection with yours, though.
William Whalley <>
Camas, WA USA -
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