Daniel Thwaites Scholarship

Each year, Daniel Thwaites Brewery in Blackburn, Lancs. awards a scholarship to a group of students from the geographical area it serves. For most recipients, its a trip of a life time, and leaves a lasting impression. Thank you, Thwaites.

If you are on this list or you received a scholarship in another year, why not email me at slassey@aboutlancs.com.
My thanks to Margaret Pawson, Outbound Programmes Manager for EIL Limited, a company that promoted the aims of the Experiment in International Living. EIL administered the Scholarship for Thwaites for many years since its inception in 1958.

Thwaites Scholarship, 1958 - 1970, U.S.A.

Thwaites Scholarship, 1971 - Tanzania



Thwaites Scholarship, 1974 - Turkey


Thwaites Scholarship, 1990 - Nigeria

Thwaites Scholarship, 1991 - Czechoslovakia

Thwaites Scholarship, 1992 - India

Thwaites Scholarship, 1993 - Russia

Thwaites Scholarship, 1994 - Turkey

Thwaites Scholarship, 1995 - Poland

Thwaites Scholarship, 1996 - Brazil

Thwaites Scholarship, 1997 - Guatemala

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