QEGS Past Pupil Book

Thanks for visiting. An old friend found me via the Internet and it seemed reasonable to encourage others to locate long lost friends, share memories, new ideas and provide an inexpensive way for past pupils of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Blackburn to converse. Unfortunately, a few people posted and continued to post unacceptable messages and the book was discontinued. After many inquiries and requests I decided to reinstate the page but remember, many entries were made in 1998/99 and some of the email addresses will have changed.
I went to Horncliffe in 1971 leaving QEGS after my A levels in 1981. My happiest memories relate to the sports field and to teachers such as Brain Hardcastle and Dave Hopkinson. Also Jimmy Grogan - "Can you hear me at the back?" Anybody from that era please contact me on the e-mail address shown.
Richard Garratt <insurance@wjl.co.uk>
Preston, Lancs UK -
I was in QEGS from 1948 to 1954/55 , have a brother trevor Villiers who also attended 8 years before myself. Does anybody remember me or was at the school around the same time ?
Ron Villiers <virt@one.net.au>
ipswich, brisbane australia -
Went to Horncliffe and big school 1968-1975, remember Jack Monk, Prod, Mrs Merchant and others whose names will come to me. Left to RN, now working QLD in Police Service. Anyone remember Cec Sharpe, Roger Byron and others around that time. Last in B/burn jan 98 and went to look at old school, couldn't go in - too many memories
Roger Smith <rabsmith@one.net.au>
Brisbane, Queensland Australia -
Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war...... Benefits of a classical education, something that QEGS instills in all of the puplis that pass through it's gates. Anyone out there remember an old boy called Jones ????
Seid notrehtA
U.S.A -
Happy New Year - thanks for your entries - If you have any pics. of the school or events or students and want them published email them to me. The Lancashire Link List has over 600 links to Lancashire web sites. Check it out. http://www.tardis.ed.ac.uk/~sl/lancs.html
Steve Lassey <slassey@yahoo.com>
Willits, Mendocino USA -
CHANDLER! NICHOLSON! ANYONE! I was at Horncliffe from 1988 to 1991, but never made it to the big school because of funding difficulties. If anyone remembers a small, dark haired, slightly awkward boy with a penchant for drama and music (and not much of anything else..was that a 2 I made on that math test, Mr.Gordon?) by the name of Daniel Hilton, please, please, please reply to my email. I emmigrated to America in 1994 and am desperately needing some contact with "home". If anyone doesnt know me but feels like giving me an update of whats been going on at QEGS, that also would be great! Lastly if this falls on deaf ears (as I have a sneaking suspicion that it will), please someone let Martin Chandler know that I would love to get in contact with him again. Thanks a lot. Daniel Hilton P.S. By the way, the school system over here is useless!
Daniel Hilton <Onorinoco@aol.com>
Roswell, Fulton USA -
Hi. I had a great time at QEGS and I enjoyed being a prefect. I sang in the choir and played in the orchestra but most of all I loved the musicals. Having a great time in Cambridge doing Medicine.
Nalinda Panditaratne <nalindap@hotmail.com>
Cambridge, England UK -
I was at QEGS from 1955 to 1962 when I went to Oxford to read modern languages. Most of my workinglife though has been in IT - we had barely come across them in 1962! Having dropped out of Oxford, I went back to university 5 years ago and completed a degree in social policy and economics at the LSE. Legendary teachers for me, to whom I owe much, were 'Killer' Watson and Leo Collier. Any of my generation out there and wired up?
Fred Seed <fred_seed@dmr.ca>
Ellesmere Port, Wirral UK -
I was at QEGS 1960-1967 and am now teaching IT. It's good to see one or two names I recognise on this list.
John Cartmell <john@cartmell.demon.co.uk>
Sale, Cheshire UK -
Great to see so many familiar names. Hope someone who remembers me will contact me. Abhi is right. Mr Bancroft is the greatest teacher ever. Perhaps we should set up a fan page!
John C Booth <jcb46@cam.ac.uk>
Preston, Lancs UK -
I haven't got a clue why I'm putting myself on this thing, but I suppose that everyone who liked me can contact me. Well both of them can!! I left this year (1998) so I'm really working hard as a student!!(??)
Richard Harris <richard.j.harris@student.shu.ac.uk >
Sheffield, UK -
1960-69. If anybody can remember me please send me an E-mail. I would love to hear from you.
RICHARD FRIEND <wbhokwaz@iafrica.com>
The wonders of Modern technology has brought us all to this, eh? Studied (use of the term loosely) between '85 and '92. Currently in USA working for a computer software company within International Marketing and Sales. Any other escapees, drop us a line.
Chris Shaw <cxshaw@yahoo.com>
Philadelphia, PA US -
Can't believe that this exists. I'm working for Saatchi and Saatchi in London and have my own radio show (soon to be TV show I hope) which is on Rare FM 87.7, London only Went to QEGS from '85-'92. Anyone who remembers Twosh, Waffle and Pumper, get in touch.
Scott Morrison <scott_morrison@saatchi.co.uk>
London, UK -
I was at QEGS between 79 and 84. Never thought I'd see a QEGS site.
Anthony Whitehead <bricky@dircon.co.uk>
Amsterdam, Holland -
Eldest of the 3 Greenwood Brothers at QEGS in late 70's / early 80's. I left in '81, now Purchasing Manager for a Networking company in Manchester ; Mark (the swot) left '82, now an Accountant (!!) living in Sydney, Oz ; Paul (Class of '86) now running a Leisure Centre in Fleetwood. Best teacher ? Robin Taylor (English). Best memory ? Sporting : winning Colts Under 16 Cricket Final at The Oval in 1978 (?).(Anyone else remember that day ?) Biggest regret ? Missing the wind-up of PFJ when his "sermon" was interrupted with music in the Main Hall. If you remember any of these, you're too old ! But mail me / us anyway.
Andy Greenwood < andy.greenwood@jadecomms.co.uk>
Manchester, Lancs. UK -
Just left this year. I'll be starting up at Oriel College, Oxford next month. And Mr. Bancroft is the greatest teacher ever !!!!!!!
Abhisara Appaji <abhisara@hotmail.com>
UK -
Didn't go to QEGS but remember it well. Anyone out there who went to Duckworth Street Primary-can't remember the headmasters name but he went on to be mayor. Also attended Billinge Grammar School
June Nowell(Foster) <nowell@nb.sympatico.ca>
Saint John, New Brunswick Canada -
Was at QEGS around 85/87. Spent too long in Universities since. Curious to see if anyone visits
Mark Borman <mark_borman@au.coopers.com>
Sydney, NSW Australia -
I was in Forms 2A and 3G from 1962-64. Pecker Eastwood and Mr Monk were the form masters. I also remember Mr Peverell? for Latin. Seems a long time ago now. Left to go to a another QEGS in Darlington at the same time as Mr Purcey? (Latin) left to also go to Darlington.
David Joughin <djoughin@bcs.org.uk>
Douglas, Isle of Man UK -
Attended QEGS 67-74. Left Blackburn soon after and have not returned since. Remember Pecker Eastwood and Prod. Hear they let in girls now. What's the world coming too!
UK -
I left QEGS in 1980 - after a great 6 1/2 years. The Chemistry department under Ellis Metcalfe was one of my great memories, as well as some great musical performances in Blackburn Cathedral. I now work for BT for their global communications division - Concert. Anyone else from around this time out there?
Andrew Gosden <andrew.gosden@btinternet.com>< br> Ipswich, Suffolk UK -
I was at QEGS from '79 to '86 and ended up working as a veterinary surgeon in the UAE. Great to find that the school has a web site- a few famliar names on the list! Regards to all
Sam Westhead <westy@emirates.net.ae>
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates -
Attended QEGS only for one school year, 1977/78 before moving to New Zealand at the request of ny parents. Just surfing around to see who else is out there
David Moughtin <davidm@ww.co.nz>
Auckland, New Zealand -
e-mail contact for Simon Hackett, 1978-1984, and Helen Hackett (nee Roe), 1982-1984
Simon Hackett <simon.hackett@virgin.net>
Manchester, UK -
attended QEGS 1983-1990. Now working as a consultant to the mining industry in Perth, Western Australia. I've been working as a geostatistician since 1994 - estimating mineral resources for a wide range of mineral commodities and projects.
Richard Gaze <rlg@mrtconsulting.com.au>
Perth, WA -
Was at the school from 1982-92. Really interesting finding this page whilst just messing around on the net. Love to hear from any Old Blackburnians!
Nick Palmerley <NDPalmerley@qmw.mds.ac.uk>
UK -
Hi Hope everyone is well. Peter P.S. Does anyone go to this page apart from me?
Peter Sparks <pas34@cam.ac.uk>
UK -
Left QEGS in 1989, off to Durham for an Electronics degree and now back to Sale working for IBM. Good to see that there is some links with the old school! Check out the recent article in the Telegraph about Mad Eric.
Andy Barrett <andy_barrett@uk.ibm.com>
Manchester, Lancs UK -
Hi to all OLd Blacks out there, whether I know you or not. I hope you all have a splendid christmas and wish you every success for 1998.
Hello just surfing the web, and saw the web site so I thought Id pop in to have a look. Bye
Andrew Bradshaw <bradshad@aston.ac.uk>
Birmingham, East Midlands UK -
ex Hornclife (1964/5/6) Admitted to Big School 1966, prior to emigrating in Nov to Australia. Been here ever since. Last visit to Blackburn was in 1975
Stephen Payne <vericom@ca.com.au.>
Perth, Western Australia -
Funny what you find sniffing around on the Web, eh? I spent a couple of years at QEGS in the early 70's before rushing off to join the RAF. I later studied Computer Science at Lancaster University, and now work offshore for a seismic research company in the Gulf of Mexico. I am married to a Brazilian and live here on the North East coast - check it out in your atlas. It beats the socks off the Costa del Sol or Fort Lauderdale... So what are my memories of QEGS? Probably the teacher we all loved to hate: Prod. He could have used an intravenous injection of 20th century attitudes, but *boy* could he teach maths!
Glenn W. Munroe <gwm@fisica.ufc.br>
Fortaleza, Ceara Brazil -
I attended QEGS in 1965, the same year that we emmigrated to Australia so my time at QEGS was fairly short. I still have very fond memories of the school, I remember that my French teacher was Mrs Portnoy. My early years were spent at St Aidan's school and I lived at 97 Greenside Avenue. Now I'm 44 and run my own software business in Australia. It was a great surprise finding this page on the web and I'd love to chat with anyone from my old home town. I bet it's changed a great deal since I last saw it in 1965. Looking forward to hearing from someone real soon. Kind regards, David Kenny.
David Graham Kenny <DAVID_KENNY_SOFTWAR E@bigpond.co m>
Brisbane, QLD Australia -
Good to find another QEGS web page! I thought they didn't exist or that I'd contravened an international law by making one or something :). I'm trying to make a list of old blacks who use the internet on my page, so please go add yerself by mailing me (pinkius@deathsdoor.com). www page is: http://www.wadham.ox.ac.uk/~msmalley/qegs
Matthew Smalley <pinkius@deathsdoor.com>
Leyland, Lancashire UK -
Welcome to the Past Pupil Book and thank you Michael Roberts for the inspiration to set this up.
Steve Lassey slassey@aboutlancs.com>
Willits/Livermore, Ca USA -
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