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Livermore Pythons vs Danville Panthers

The Pythons went down to a team they should have beaten in a game with very few shots on goal.. Neither team dominated the game and the goals came from defensive errors rather than attacking play. On defense, only Jeffery Pennewell really shone. Jeff was directly responsible for preventing two probable goals when he sprinted half way across the field to deny the attackers shot. On attack, Alex Hickerson worked really hard, as did Zachary Costa who joined the team for the first time - but, neither player got the opportunity to shoot. The Pythons gave up one goal in the first half and three, simple walk in goals after defensive blunders in the second half.

Result: Livermore Pythons 0, Danville 4

Livermore Pythons vs San Ramon Strikers

The Pythons seemed like a different team today compared to yesterday. They worked hard in the heat. They fought relentlessly for the ball and played well. Shaun Stoker was in great form on the right wing and had several good, penetrating runs and dangerous crosses. The Python goal came from a Stoker cross to Doug McIntyre who nimbly passed it to Jason Cross who made no mistake putting the ball away - Jason's first and a great goal. Good defensive work especially by Kenneth Hansen prevented the Strikers from scoring in the first half. The second half was tense especially in the last few minutes. The strikers equalized with 15 minutes to go and the Pythons had to dig into their energy reserves to withstand the onslaught. Danny Upp was solid in goal and was in the right place at the right on many occasions - the mark of a good goalkeeper. This was a well earned draw.

Result: Livermore Pythons 1, San Ramon 1

Livermore Pythons vs San Ramon Impact

This wasn't the best game the Pythons have played and their opposition was good. A goal by Alex Hickerson in the first half put the Pythons on the board.

Result: Livermore Pythons 1, San Ramon 6

Livermore Pythons vs Pleasanton Panthers

The Pythons played their best soccer in the first half of this game. Play moved back and forth with each team probing the defense but neither team dominated. A missed penalty was disappointing for the Pythons but a goal from Alex Hickerson retrieved their confidence. This was Alex Hickerson's second goal of the weekend and the weekend ended with him being the only goal scorer. The Pythons unfortunately succumed to pressure in the second giving up three goals.

Result: Livermore Pythons 1, Pleasanton Panthers 4

Livermore Pythons vs Pleasanton Phantoms

Cancelled due to field damage. The game will be reschedulled.

Livermore Pythons vs Fighting Strikers

The Pythons went down to a team they should have beaten. Neither team dominated and the only goal came in the last few minutes. Some great goalkeeping from Danny Upp prevented Danville from having a larger goal score and Kenneth Hansen was most valuable player. Two Python players were injured and another two players were out of town so the team had only a single substitute. Perhaps that's why they appeared to be conserving their energy.

Result: Livermore Pythons 0, Fighting Strikers 1

Livermore Pythons vs Diablo Vista Vipers

Both teams played some good entertaining soccer today. The Python's passing game has certainly improved and there were times when they completely controlled the soccer ball and forced the Vipers to work hard. There were few shots in the game. The keepers weren't really taxed at all.. Both teams attacked and then fell back in the first half and despite several break aways by both teams none of the attackers shots were on target.

Result: Livermore Pythons 0, Diablo Vista Vipers 1

Livermore Pythons vs Diablo Vista Strikers

The Pythons had their best team performance of the year. Coach Tom Cross, who normally gives only a single award for best defender and best attacker, gave an award to every player on the team. Everyone gave their best today and it was a real pleasure to be on the sidelines watching. The significantly larger Danville Strikers, are top of the league and beat the Pythons earlier this year in the San Francisco Golden Gate Tournament 4-0 and then went on to win the tournament. The Pythons played every bit as good as the Strikers today and its clear each Python player has improved a lot. Python passing is more accurate. The Python defense is solid and less yielding. The Python attack is more focused. Python players know when to use their speed and when to slow the pace of the game down and determination and enthusiasm is very apparent.

The Strikers struck in the first minute and simply took the Pythons by surprise but thereafter it was a hard fought, clean evenly balanced game. All the goals came in the first half. The equalizing goal came from Scott Lassey who pushed the ball past a defender, sprinted ahead, pulled the ball to his right and pulled the trigger to score. Moments later the Strikers went back in the lead. Credit must go to Danny Upp who continues to be in the right place at the right time - a natural goalkeeper, Josh Manchester as left full back and Kyle Matkins as stopper. Kenneth Hansen demonstrated his versatility and had a good game in attack instead of defense and Alex Hickerson turned in another hard working aggressive game.

Result: Livermore Pythons 1, Diablo Vista Strikers 2

Livermore Pythons vs Dublin Cobras

Livermore Pythons vs Livermore Knights

The Python's really needed to win this one to advance to the TOC - Tournament of Champions. Both teams played some good soccer and there were lots of shots but few were on target. The shots on the Python goal were well saved by Danny Upp. The first goal came in the first half when Alex Hickerson collected a rebounded shot and took the ball to the goal line. He crossed the ball across the mouth of the goal and Kevin Russo converted it to go one up. The Knights came back strong at the beginning of the second half and the final score was 1-1 - a tie.

Result: Livermore Pythons 1, Livermore Knights 1

Livermore Pythons vs Livermore Knights

This was a make or break game for the Pythons and the Knights. The winner today will go on to represent Livermore in the Tournament of Champions (TOC) in December. It was a blustery, sunny day and both teams played tough, intelligent, fast moving soccer - a pleasure to watch. In the first half both teams had some shots on goal but most of the play was in the middle of the field. The only goal in the first half came as a surprise when Scott Lassey took a long high shot from way outside the box and made it 1-0. Both teams amazingly played even harder and faster in the second half - such is the rivalry between these two Livermore teams. The Pythons sealed it up close to the end of the game when Alex Hickerson went quickly down the left wing with sweeper Kyle Matkins in close support. Two defenders proved no match for this pair and Kyle Matkins went like an arrow, with the ball, towards the goal. Kyle shot hard and low to cheers from the home team sidelines and made it 2-0. So the Pythons deservedly advance to the TOC.

Result: Livermore Pythons 2, Livermore Knights 0

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