Tournament of Champions
Sonoma - Sat 12/05

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Livermore Pythons Vs Newark Eagles

It was a cold frosty morning for the Pythons opening game in the Tournament of Champions against the Newark Eagles. The Pythons started very well and looked strong and with the slope of the field to their advantage they were clearly the dominant team. About twenty minutes into the first half Peter Ammerman skillfully flicked the ball past his defender and sprinted to the goal. He pushed the ball to the right of his final defender, shot and scored an excellent goal. Peter Ammerman almost scored a few minutes later when a hard shot was tipped into the air by the keeper and he headed the ball onto the crossbar. The Eagles equalized and at half time the game was tied 1-1. In the second half Danny Upp not only saved a penalty but also saved the follow up shot - excellent goalkeeping.

Goals By:
Peter Ammerman

Result: Livermore Pythons 1, Newark Eagles 2

Livermore Pythons Vs Pleasanton Phantoms

The Pythons started slowly against the Pleasanton Phantoms and within 10 minutes they were two goals down. The tide turned and for the rest of the half the Pythons controlled the game. The Pythons first real chance came from a free kick (penalty?) just outside the penalty box. Three Python players took good, on target shots but each was blocked. A final shot went over the bar. The Python goal came from a Kyle Matkins defensive block with his hip, deep inside his own half. He controlled the ball and made an excellent long, accurate clearance to Scott Lassey who, with no opposition, took the ball to the goal and scored, to make it 1-2 at half time. The second half was in the Pythons favor and they had more shots on goal but neither team was able to score.

Result: Livermore Pythons 1 Pleasanton Phantoms 2

Livermore Pythons Vs. Mustang Strikers

This game has not yet been played.

Goals By:


Both Python games were very close but it's the team with the most goals that wins. Peter Ammerman was outstanding in game one, scoring the only Python goal and coming close with another . Goalkeeper Danny Upp has to be commended for his penalty and follow up save. Scott Lassey played well and scored the Pythons only other goal from an assist by Kyle Matkins who played well in both games as did hard working Alex Hickerson - Lancashire Link List - over 1000 links
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