Livermore Thanksgiving Tournament
Sonoma - Sat 11/28

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Livermore Pythons Vs Pleasanton Ballistic

Thanksgiving food certainly didn't slow the Pythons today. From the start of the game to the final whistle they ran , they chased, they fell back, they attacked, they gave this game their all and certainly deserved the win but it was not to be. The Pythons had many more shots than their opponents but only a few were on target. The Pythons started hard and were clearly the dominant team but surprisingly Ballistic took the lead late into the first half. Several minutes later the Pythons equalized when Peter Ammerman took advantage of a keeper fumble and pushed the ball across the goal to a waiting Greg Napolitano who tapped the ball home. The Pythons dominated the second half but the ball just would not go into the net. The Pythons won several free kicks and corners and despite good attempts the score remained 1-1. The Ballistic would have won the game close to the end of the game when Zachary Costa just managed to get back in time to clear the ball from the Python goal line. This was an entertaining , fast moving game, and the Pythons burned a lot of energy. Lets hope they can maintain this pace throughout the tournament.

Goals By:
Greg Napolitano

Result: Livermore Pythons 1, Pleasanton Ballistic 1

Livermore Pythons Vs Fairfield

The Pythons needed to win this game to advance but it was a tough game and two penalties against them didn't help. The Pythons fought hard. Strong attacking by Scott Lassey and excellent goalkeeping by Danny Upp kept the score to 3-0

Result: Livermore Pythons 0 Fairfield 3

Livermore Pythons Vs. Sanger

This was a tough game for the Pythons - they were up against the best team in the division and it was cold and wet and early in the morning but they worked sooooooo very hard. The Pythons have matured so much in these last few weeks... and they have a lot of potential for next year because many of the players are coming back next year. Coach Tom Cross has an excellent group of players for next year.

Goals By:
Result: Livermore Pythons 0 Sanger 6


The Pythons played well but met two older, stronger teams. They played well but the other teams were better. Jeffrey Pennewell sustained cuts in game one and after six stiches on each side of his mouth came back to play for his team. Few players do this much for a team and its says a lot for the dedication Tom Cross gets from his players. Game one would have been lost had it not been for Zachary Costa who raced to his own goal line and denied a goal. - Lancashire Link List - over 1000 links
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