Golden Gate Invitational
Golden gate Park - Sat 9/26

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Livermore Pythons Vs Almaden Revolution

At the beginning of the season Coach Tom Cross explained to the team that all games were a build up to this tournament and you could clearly see that they wanted to win. It was overcast with a light drizzle when the Pythons took the field. They immediately went on the offensive and it was clear within the first few minutes that they were the better team. The first goal came originally from Alex Hickerson who passed the ball from just inside the penalty box to Doug McIntyre who slid the ball to Greg Napolitano. Greg, close to the right hand post took a skillful instep shot and put the Pythons in the lead. Livermore kept up the pressure and shortly before half time Alex Hickerson collected the ball close to the penalty spot, controlled it and then fired successfully to make it 2-0. The Pythons looked confident and relaxed in the second half with the occasional wind behind them. Kenneth Hansen was outstanding in defense and the Livermore keeper had an easy game. There were several good runs down the wing by a number of Livermore players but it was Scott Lassey who got the third goal with a direct ground level shot. Angel Flores scored the last and final goal after a poor defensive clearance. This was a good win by the Pythons and perhaps a stepping stone to future success in the tournament. Sweeper Kyle Matkins was man of the match and pivotal in the win

Goals By:
Greg Napolitano, Alex Hickerson, Scott Lassey, Angel Flores

Result: Livermore Pythons 4, Almaden Revolution 0

Livermore Pythons Vs Novato

For the first few minutes of this game it seemed like the Pythons would have their work cut out for them if they were to win and then, over a very short time, the balance changed in the Pythons favor. The Livermore players seemed to gel. They started to work together and suddenly most of the play was in the Novato half. Livermore attacked once, twice and again without success and then a good cross from Scott Lassey was hammered home by Justin Erspamer. Livermore continued to dominate in the second half thanks to some hard work from Alex Hickerson and Zachary Costa. The Pythons second goal came from a throw in to #18, Kevin Russo who got the ball turned and shot low and left of the keeper to make it 2-0. Novato's fate was sealed when Peter Ammerman converted a Scott Lassey cross and the final score was 3-0. Deservedly the Pythons advanced with maximum points to the semi-final round.

Goals By: Justin Erspamer 1, Kevin Russo 1, Peter Ammerman 1
Result: Livermore Pythons 3 Novato 0

Livermore Pythons Vs. Danville Mustang

At the beginning of the season Livermore lost 7-0 to the Danville Mustang and so the team knew it would be a tough game and it was. The Pythons went on the offensive from the kickoff and looked the stronger team for the first ten minutes but then a clearance hit the referee. He let play continue and the ball rebounded from him directly to a Mustang player who shot and scored. It was dispiriting and then moments later the Mustangs scored again. A second questionable decision arose just before half time when the ref. awarded a penalty for what looked like a fair tackle and the Pythons went another goal down. Despite some valiant attacks and determined defense, by the end of the game they had lost another three goals and the game, 6-0.

Goals By:
Result: Livermore Pythons 0 Danville Mustang 6

Livermore Pythons Vs Burlingame Swedes

Instead of relaxing the Pythons went into this match with real determination. It was perhaps the best match they've played this season. Each and every player wanted to get the ball and the pace was fast. Two long high shots in the first half by Burlingame went in and yet the Pythons bounced back not once but twice in the second half. Kevin Russo scored his second goal of the weekend with a low hard shot to the left of the keeper to pull one back and then a Joshua Manchester corner from the right of the field dropped right in the middle of the box. Heads, arms and even some legs were flying around but the combined forces of Jason Cross and Alex Hickerson won out and the ball was in the back of the net. A final goal by the Swedes and a missed penalty by the Pythons left the game at 3-2 for the Swedes.

Goals By: Kevin Russo 1, Jason Cross/Alex Hickerson combined 1
Result: Livermore Pythons 2 Burlingame Swedes 3


The Pythons were unbeaten in their flight and earned maximum points with two shutout wins. They finished fourth in the tournament of 12 teams and played their best soccer of the year. Eight players scored goals and there was some excellent attacking by Alex Hickerson and Scott Lassey. Kenneth Hansen was outstanding in defense as was keeper Danny Upp and the hard work award goes to Joshua Manchester. - Lancashire Link List - over 1000 links
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