Blackburn Mills

This is only a partial list. Please contact me with additions or changes to the list of mills and/or jobs. Any stories, recollections, photographs or history of the mills, their management and employees would be welcome. Click on the pics to get a larger version.

Cotton Mills

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Which Mill is this?

This picture was provided by who says her great grandmother Ria Redding (Maria Hartley nee Redding) is in the middle row on the right. Can anyone identify any of the other people and can anyone identify the mill? Ria Redding - Maria Hartley nee Redding

Foundries & Haulage



My thanks to Keith Ferguson, ex-Blackburnian in Melbourne, Australia and his Mom- in-Law and Aunty for their additions.

My thanks to Mr N Jowitt ( for the information and picture of the annual mill day out between about 1950 and 1955 for Cotton Brothers Mill in Appleby St. who identifies his mother Jessie Jowitt (second row from the front, fourth from the left) and Annie Eagan immediately to her right who both lived in Ice Street Blackburn.

My thanks to Dorothy Speight for identifying Pickup Hartleys and her 1942 newspaper cutting about her grandfather who was Manager of the Pickup Hartley Alma Mill, Ciceley for over 50 years and her father Thomas Speight. - Lancashire Link List - over 1000 links
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