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Blackburn, Lancashire is in the North West of England and was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. Cotton was King and it was here in 1764 that James Hargreaves invented the "Spinning Jenny". You can get a feel for life in the North of England by taking a look at the Lancashire Evening Telegraph . What about me and my family? Well, I went to QEGS - Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Blackburn, before earning an Honours Degree in Bacteriology from Edinburgh University, started a career in computing with Burroughs and moved to Willits, California. I moved to Livermore, California, home to many fine vineyards and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. I'm now back in Willits. I play Racquetball and work out quite a bit. My dad was an avid Crown Green Bowler and played on the Roe Lee Park team in Blackburn. My Mom loved to garden.

Lassey Genealogy

Most Lassey families live in either Lancashire or Yorkshire though some live in the US, Canada, New Zealand and even more exotic places like Togo. You can explore three large Lassey families via the Lassey Genealogy Page, my own and two large families from Yorkshire. Please email me if you have potential additions or changes to these families or if you know of any other Lasseys. You can visit the Worldwide Lassey Genealogy Club if you have a Yahoo ID and IDs are free.

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