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Two Impact players shone this weekend - Jared Jamison who scored ALL the Impact goals and Marcus Richerson who emerged as an excellent goalkeeper.

Livermore Impact vs El Dorado

As soon as the whistle went to start the game, it was clear that the Livermore Impact had more heart, enthusiasm and were determined to give their all. Player skills have improved but the effort they put into their play is MUCH improved. This nailbitter went from one end to another in both halves, as both team parried and thrust their defence and attack. A great save from Andrew Dubatowka prevented El Dorado going ahead after 10 minutes and he just missed a good shot some minutes later when El Dorado took the lead 1 - 0. Livermore outshot El Dorado in this half but they were all off target.
The second half was exciting. Jerad Jamison levelled the playing field from a direct free kick shortly into the second half. His well hit shot, from outside the box, gave the keeper no chance. A few minutes later, El Dorado gave up another free kick, and Jon Mello found Jerad Jamison who put it away. Livermore held a 2 - 1 lead until they gave up up a penalty and El Dorado tied the game for the final 2 - 2 result.
Result: Livermore Impact 2, El Dorado 2
Goals by: Jared Jamison

Livermore Impact vs Auburn

In past Impact games no player has really stood out from the rest of the team. But in this game, two Livermore Impact players dominated the team - Jerad Jamison on the offence and Marcus Richerson as goalkeeper. Jerad was a real threat to the Auburn team and was marked very closely. He was repeatedly fouled. Auburn had over eight fouls to Livermores two!! He not only withstood the physical punishment but paid Auburn back with a successful penalty. Marcus Richerson emerged as an excellent goalkeeper in this game. He was fearless, determined and became the first Impact player this year to save a penalty - no mean achievment. Its one thing for a penalty taker to miss the goal but another for the keeper to actually save the shot!!! Needless to say, the Impact lost 2 -1. Auburn's goals came from a direct free kick - one of the couple Auburn had, and the second from a penalty.
Result: Livermore Impact 1, Auburn 2

Livermore Impact vs Yuba City

The Impact took on division leader Yuba Sutter and played the best game of their season. An early goal by Yuba had no effect on the Impact - despite them knowing that they would not make second place. They continued their assault and fell back to defend, when needed. Several fine saves by Marcus Richerson in the first half were praised by not only the Impact parents but by Yuba's parents too - indeed an honor. Once again, the Impact had many more fouls against them and took advantage when John Mello, again teamed up with Jared Jamison to make it 1 - 1 at half time. The second half was just as intense. Dustin Silva took over the goal for the Impact and Marcus played well in defense. A high shot over Dustin's head, he had no chance, too Yuba ahead but the Impact continued to attack. The amalgam of the Impact attack seemed to gel in this second half - perhaps a future formula for success.
Yuba's coach at the end of the game congratulated the team no only for the toughest game they'd had, but also, on the sportsmanship the Impact displayed. The Impact have come a long way thanks to good coaching and MUCH renewed effort. If the Impact can score from just a couple more of the free kicks they receive, they'd be winning more games.
Result: Livermore Impact 1, Yuba City 2
Goals by: Jared Jamison
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