East Bay U13 Soccer League 1997/8

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Livermore Impact vs Newark

The Livermore Impact U13 A/C team opened their League season at home to Newark. The 9am game was delayed for over 30 minutes because sprinklers on the field continued to run. With help from LARPD the watering cycle was terminated and the game began. It was clear from the opening moments that Newark were a strong team. The solid Newark defence was rarely penetrated and most of the play was in the Livermore half of the field. Good defensive work by Marcus Richerson, Josh Roth, Danny Parks, half back Greg Robison and the whole Livermore defence prevented more goals. At the half they were down 2 - 0.
The Livermore Impact played better in the second half. The forwards were more successful - though not successful enough to score. Newark's third and final goal came from a direct free kick which went straight into the net giving the defence and keeper no chance at all.

Result: Livermore Impact 0, Newark 3

Livermore Impact vs Pleasanton

Coach Glen Silva fielded a defensive 1 - 5 - 4 team for this game against Pleasanton Ballistic. Tactical, man to man coverage was evident throughout the game and in the first half it certainly paid off. The Livermore Impact gave away only a single goal thanks to good goalkeeping from Dustin Silva and a mass of Impact defenders.
The second half was marred by many petty fouls. Each team was awarded seven free kicks and Pleasanton were able to capitalize on one of them. Apart from one other defensive mistake the Impact held up very well. With a conventional line up the score would have been much more in the Ballistics favor. All in all, to lose 3-0 to Ballistic was an excellent effort.

Result: Livermore Impact 0, Pleasanton 3

Livermore Impact vs San Ramon Fury

The Livermore Impact turned the notch up this week against San Ramon. They seemed to have more determination, enthusiasm and their skills certainly came into play. Despite an overwhelming first few minutes from San Ramon they defended well and came into their own. They attacked well and used the wings to advantage. Two good goals by San Ramon took them ahead in the first half but the Impact spirit was by no means broken. The second half was a trial of strength, skill and determination as both teams struggled to get the upper hand. Neither team dominated and neither team gave way, which frustrated San Ramon. The Fury gave away six fouls to Livermore's one, but the Impact attack just couldn't get the ball in the net. Several attempts came close. The Impact should take heart in their new found energy and determination and should do well in their next tournament at Cameron Park.

Result: Livermore Impact 0, San Ramon 2

Livermore Impact vs Danville

The Livermore Impact took on league leaders Danville at Danville and played very well despite giving up another penalty, 20 minutes into the game. Good goalkeeping from Dustin Silva and defensive work from full back, Jason Moitoso kept the Chargers to a single goal lead in the first half. A couple of the ten free kicks awarded to the Impact came close to the Danville net but not close enough!! If the Impact could just make use of the many free kicks they receive, then they'd be a winning team. The second half was very close and Danville scored only one more goal. Neither team really dominated, which says a lot for the capability of the Livermore side. If they could learn to attack more effectively and score goals they'd start winning. Kaelen Schlicker, Kyle Oden and Seamus Lennon played well offensively.

Result: Livermore Impact 0, Danville 2

Livermore Impact vs Fremont

The Impact worked hard today but gave up a penalty which at the end of the game decided their fate. The Bandits were awarded the penalty in the first few minutes and they took the lead. Several minutes later they pulled further ahead after a breakaway solo run that caught the Impact off guard. From then onwards, Livermore gradually gained momentum. Towards the end of the first half the balance had shifted to Livermore and most of the play was in the Fremont half. After the break Livermore applied increasing pressure and pulled a goal back after a long, accurate kick from Scott Lassey to Kaelen Schlicker. Kaelen trapped the ball, moved menacingly towards the Fremont net and then intelligently beat his defender with a surgical pass to Jared Jamison who put it away. In the final ten minutes the Impact tried several attacks and were clearly dominant but unfortunately were unable to tie the game.

Result: Livermore Impact 1, Fremont 2

Livermore Impact vs Newark

There was a feast of goals in this U-13 A/C game. The Impact attack really showed what they can do and scored the most goals in a single game this season. Kyle Oden played really well and deserves credit for his assists and John Mello with two goals and Jonathan Fortner proved they can hit the back of the net.

Result: Livermore Impact 3, Newark 5

Livermore Impact vs San Ramon

The Livermore Impact deserved to win this tense, exciting and entertaining game. Goalkeeper, Andrew Dubatowka had his best game of the season with two excellent, acrobatic saves. In the first half he tipped a hard, deceptive shot over the bar and in the second half repeated the act, this time with his fist. Livermore had most of the play and were relentless in both attack and defense and took the lead from a free kick 30 yards out. Josh Roth struck the ball well and the San Ramon keeper was unable to hang onto the ball. Jared Jamison, top goal scorer for the Impact, was right there to put the ball in the net to take the lead 1-0. San Ramon were unable to come back in the second half and almost gave up a second goal eight minutes from the end of the game when the Impact missed an open goal. A couple of minutes later San Ramon equalized, completely against the run of the game. Robbed - I think so - but that's soccer!!!!

Result: Livermore Impact 1, San Ramon 1

Livermore Impact vs Pleasanton

This was a tough game for Livermore on a really windy day. Excellent defence in the first half against the wind help Pleasanton to only a single goal but, perhaps tired after all the efforts they succumbed to 4 goals in the second half.

Result: Livermore Impact 0, Pleasanton 5

Livermore Impact vs Danville

Last weekend the Impact were eliminated from the Livermore Halloween Classic in the last few minutes by the team that went on to win the tournament. Today, the Impact seemed to have weights in their soccer cleats and it was only good goalkeeping by Dustin Silva that prevented a rout. To the defence's credit, however, they gave up no goals in the first half and persevered in the second. The ball was rarely in the Danville Charger side of the field in both halves and the Impact attack was consistently back helping to defend. The Chargers, to their credit, played well, outshooting the Impact 15 to 1, corners were 14 - 0 in the Charger's favor. Most Impact games have been much more evenly balanced. The spark just wasn't there for the Impact - perhaps a late Halloween night, too much candy or, more likely, residual doubts after the Livermore Halloween Classic last weekend. Instead of being down on themselves, the Impact should remember that they lost in the last five minutes of the game to the Placerville Roadrunners who went on to win the tournament - an excellent performance.

Result: Livermore Impact 0, Danville 3

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