Castles, Manors and Halls of Lancashire

cover There are some fine examples of medieval castles in Lancashire in various stages of preservation and ruin. The occupants and visitors to many of the beautiful manors and halls have taken part in historically important events, some recorded and many lost or forgotten. The walls of these buildings would, indeed, have a story to tell if they could bear witness. Legend has it that some locations have the ghosts and carry the signs of more violent and memorable events. Initially, this will be a simple list but over time I hope it will evolve into a complete, up to date historical guide to the Castles, Manors and Halls of Lancashire.


Castles and Fortified Houses

Manors, Halls and Towers

Let me know of additions to the list or any inaccuracies. If you find links on the web or sites that have facts relevant to the locations - please let me know.


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