Radcliffe is a 15th century ruin where according to Cheetham (5),
The ruins stand in a farmyard about 200 yds S.W of the church.... James de Radcliffe in 1403 obtained a royal licence to rebuild his manor house erecting "a hall and two towers of stone".... Radcliffe Tower is the supposed scene of "The Lady Isabella's Tragedy" a gruesome ballad telling how Fair Ellen was killed and cooked in a pie by order of her wicked stepmother, the Lady Isabella.(5)
Bruton (6) continues
... "Lady Isabella's Tragedy of Percy's "Relics." It tells how.... in spite of the protests of the scullion boy, who cried
O save her life, good master cook,
And make your pies of me.
..... nothing in the pedigree of the Radcliffes of Radcliffe to justify one of these statements...(6)

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