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Lasseys live in Lancashire, Yorkshire, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Togo and other parts of the world. The names Lassey, Lacy, Lacey, Laci, Lascy, DeLacey, DeLacy and similar names derive ultimately, I believe, from the ancient De Laci family of Normandy, France. I can trace my immediate family to the area around Whalley Abbey that has many associations with the De Laci family.

A history of Ilbert De Laci and his descendants can be found in Chapter the Second, Lords of the Honor of Clitheroe in the book Whalley Parish and the Honor of Clitheroe by Whitaker. The De Lacis were members of one of the powerful families that crossed the English Channel with William the Conqueror in 1066 and were given large tracts of land in East Lancashire and West Yorkshire. Drop me a line if you're interested in the Lassey family or visit Worldwide Lassey Genealogy on Yahoo or the Lassey Genealogy Group on Facebook.

My Own Family History includes the following family names:-

Bouchard - English Canadian 1847
Evatt - Lower Darwen, 1905
Lassey - Church Kirk, Whalley, Lancs. 1800
Lewis - New York, 1878
Morris - Missouri, 1910
Wallbank - Aighton Bailey, Stonyhurst. 1880
Wardle - Church Kirk, Whalley, Lancs. 1800
Whalley - Blackburn, Lancs. 1890 and Sarnia, Canada

Other Lassey families in Yorkshire are descendants of:

John Lassey
- born around 1830 with descendants in Halifax, Mt Tabor and Ovenden in Yorkshire and has living relatives in Australia and New Zealand * Now Available *
William Lassey
- born in Leeds in 1808 and emigrated to the US sometime between Oct 1832 and April 1835.* Now Available *
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