Blackburn and the Norman Conquest

William the Conqueror invaded England from Normandy, France in 1066 - the Battle of Hastings where 'Arold got an Arra in 'is Eye ( Marriott Edgar)!!! The Domesday Book of 1086 was King William's accounting of who owned the land; what the land was like; a count of the people that lived there and the laws by which they were governed. Its a fascinating survey that has stimulated scholars, provided insights into the Anglo - Saxon - Norman way of life, and certainly gave William the basis for his "dane-geld tax". Although Lancashire is not referred to by name, because it only became a county in 1182, there are many references to the lands " inter Ripa Mersham " or between the Ribble and the Mersey. There were six Hundreds here namely Derby, Newton, Warrington, Blackburn, Salford and Leyland. The following translation of the Latin text is taken from Domesday Book, general editor John Morris, Vol 26 Cheshire, Phillimore, Chichester. 1978

Blackburn Hundred

King Edward held Blackburn. 2 hides and 2 carucates of land. The Church had 2 bovates of this land and St.Mary's Church had 2 carucates of land in Whalley exempt from all customary dues. In the same manor woodland 1 league long and as wide; a hawk's eyrie. To this manor or Hundred were attached 28 free men who held 5 and a half hides and 40 carucates of land as 28 manors. Woodland 6 leagues long and 4 leagues wide. They were (subject to) the aforesaid customs.

In the same Hundred King Edward had at Huncoat 2 carucates of land; at Walton 2 carucates of land and at Pendleton half a hide. The whole manor with the Hundred paid 32 Pounds and two shillings in revenue to the King. Roger of Poitou gave all this land to Roger of Bully and Albert Grelley. There are as many men as have 11 and a half ploughs, to whom they granted exemption from dues for 3 years. It is therefore not now assessed.

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