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1. Athletes are required to be at meets 30 minutes before starting time.
2. Athletes check in with Sherri as soon as you arrive to the meet.
3. Athletes are required to sit together as a team. Parents may sit with the team if they choose but athletes must sit with the team.
4. Athletes must wear their official St. Michael's track team shirt and black shorts. Always wear warm-ups and sweatshirts PLEASE MARK ALL CLOTHING AND WATER BOTTLES THAT YOU BRING WITH YOUR NAME
5. Bring healthy food and water. No sodas. The only food or drink allowed on the field is water and this is only allowed at the high jump.
6. SPIKES ARE NOT AT ALL MANDATORY. If you choose to wear spikes, THE ONLY TYPE ALLOWED ARE 'pyramid' style and no longer than 1/4 inch. The ONLY time you wear spikes is during the event you are actually competing in. Spikes are hard on your feet and the tips will wear out in a heartbeat if worn off the track. We strongly suggest that you do not share spikes or any running shoes WITH ANYONE, EVEN TEAM-MATES.
7. At the first 4 meets, 2nd graders will compete as 2nd graders in the 50, 100, and long jump. On April 24th and thereafter, 2nd graders MUST compete as third graders.
8. Generally the mile run and the high jump will begin at 8:45 sharp. The 4 x 100 relays, beginning with 2nd graders will begin immediately after the mile run. As soon as the 2nd graders have run the relays, the long jump will begin. The shotput and the softball throw will usually begin at 9:00 with the oldest age groups first. This line up of events is the general rule but can be changed by the meet host, therefore, all athletes and those parents that are working at the meet must be at the track by 8:00a.m. Athletes are free to leave after they have completed their events for the day. Parents that are assigned to work must stay at the meet until their event is finished and they check out with Sherri.
9. Ribbons earned in the meets are generally given out at the following Tuesday practice.

Again, we must stress to follow all rules at the meet locations. Parents we need your help on this. No eating or fooling around on the field. No climbing hillsides. Absolutely, no bad sportsmanship towards our team members or any others. Athletes breaking any of the above rules will not be allowed to participate in the following track meet. If a rule is broken more than once by the same athlete he or she will be removed from the team.

Thank you at for your help! This is sure to be a great season for the St. Michael's Track Team, League Champions for 1997 AND 1998!

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1999 Meets - Press Releases
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