St. Michaels's, Livermore
C.Y.O. Track Team - 1998

Oakland Diocese Champions - 1997 and 1998

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Saturday, April 4, 1998
Miramonte High School, Orinda.

For the third consecutive week St. Michael's CYO Track team from Livermore had a very strong showing last Saturday. In the 4X100 relay St. Michael's girls were awesome taking first in 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 8th grade. The boys were strong, placing second in grades 3rd, 4th, and 8th and first place in 5th, 6th and 7th. First place milers were third grader Sophia Stocking at 7:12.97, 7th grader Tara Swanson at 7:44.34 and 8th grader Alex Morrison at 5:24.41. In the 400 meter run, first place finishers were, 3rd graders Allison Hawkins at 1:23.85 and Eric Stafford at 1:12.31, 5th grader Okemena Ozoman at 1:15.49, 6th grader Rosemarie Zapata at 1:12.26, 7th graders Rachel Schaffner at 1:04.89 and Scott Lassey at 1:08.35 and 8th graders Monika Fischer at 1:04.66 and Alex Morrison at 59.69. 8th grader Asia Williams ran a strong 800 meters taking first with a time of 2:43.39 and 6th grader Linus Schranski took first with the time of 3:08.00.
In field events 3rd grader Eric Stafford placed first in the long jump with a jump measuring 11'3" along with Ozell Hudson in 6th grade with a jump of 13'9" and 7th grader Daniel Hoover with a jump of 14'2 1/2". St. Michael's took first in the 6th grade high jump with a jump of 4'3" by Stephanie Scheff and a jump of 5'2" by 8th grader Alex Morrison. 7th grader Scott Lassey took first in the soft ball throw at 137'1" and Tracy Wilson an 8th grader with a throw of 46'11". First place finishers in the shot put were 7th grader Johnny Humphrey at 33'2 1/2" and 8th grader Tim Schweickert at 42'5". St. Michael's is the defending 1997 Oakland Diocese Champions and compete again at Diablo Valley College on Saturday, April 18th.

Saturday, April 18, 1998
Diablo Valley College

For the fourth consecutive week St. Michael's CYO Track team from Livermore had a very strong showing at DVC and flew down the track with their relay teams! In the 4X100 relays, St. Michael's girls were awesome taking first in 3rd grade anchored by Mone People, 4th grade anchored by Kathryn McAdam, 5th grade anchored by Brittany Farmer, 6th grade anchored by Aly Monroe, and 7th grade anchored by Mary Moruza. The boys 3rd grade team anchored by Aric Williams and the 4th grade boys anchored by Jacob Farmer also took first place. The girls 6th grade 4X400 team anchored by Brittany Farmer also took first.
Starting with the 100 meters, 1st place finishers are as follows; 2nd grader Andrea Gil at 18.37, 3rd grade Martika Burton at 15.42 and Aric Williams at 14.24, 4th grade Kathryn McAdam at 15.88 and 6th graders Sammi Jo Copeman at 14.88 and Kris Couls at 13.07, 7th grader D'Angelo Burton took first with a time of 13.38. In the 200 Meter run first place finishers were; 3rd graders Erik Stafford at 37.97 and Martika Burton at 33.03, 4th grader Kathryn McAdam at 32.9 and 6th grader Aly Monroe at 31.6 and 7th grader D'Angelo Burton at 27.66. In the 400 meters first place finishers were 3rd graders Aric Williams at 1:08.89 and Allison Hawkins at 1:25.05., 4th grader Amanda Logue came fist at 1:21.21. The 6th grade girls from Livermore swept the 400 meters taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd; Rosemarie Zapata at 1:11.21, Aly Monroe at 1:11.35 and Meka Sitcheran at 1:11.60. In the 800 meters 1st place finishers were as follows; 1st grader Kosmas Stocking at 3:45.79, 3rd graders Derek Lyons at 3:11.42 and Allison Hawkins at 3:15.52, 7th grader Sara Lavezzo at 3:01.20 and 8th grader Asia Williams at 2:41.4. The Milers from St. Michael's took first in 3rd grade with Sophie Stocking running a 7:07.81, 5th grader Jeff Taylor a 6:24.07 mile and 6th graders Darin Grandfield a 6:22.48 and Katrina Fischer at 6:35.75.
In the high jump 5th grader Richard Hudson and 6th grader Sammi Jo Copeman both jumped 4'0" to take first place. First place long jumpers were as follows; 2nd grader Andrea Gil at 9'0", 3rd grader Eric Stafford at 11'10 1/2", 4th grader Kelly Stevelak at 10'7 1/2", and Jacob Farmer at 11'10" 5th grader Brittany Farmer at 11'11" and Avery Williams at 12'4", 6th grade Meka Sitcheran at 12' 6" and 7th grade Trista Cassella at 13'9". 8th grader Hien Phan took first in the shot put with a put of 28'3/4". St. Michael's team took 5 first place ribbons in the soft ball throw. 3rd grader Caitlin Salamance threw 47'5", and Neil Spettel threw 89'8", 5th grader Brittany Farmer threw 96'9" and 6th grade Gabe Galindez 99' 1/2" and 8th grader Amber Bockover finished up with first place at 114' 1/2".

Saturday April 25th, 8:30 a.m. Qualifying track meet
Miramonte High School.

ST. MICHAEL'S SWEEPS THE RELAYS IN THE QUALIFYING CYO TRACK MEET HELD AT MIRAMONTE H.S. Grades 3,4,5,6,7, and 8th in both boys and girls took first place in the 4X100 relays. The anchors are as follows:
GRADE          BOYS                GIRLS
3         Aric Williams       Mone Peoples
4         Jacob Farmer        Kathryn McAdam
5         Avery Williams      Brittany Farmer
6         Kristopher Couls    Aly Monroe
7         D'angelo Burton     Rachel Schaffner
8         Craig Shannon       Asia Williams

4X400 relays taking FIRST place:

5         Jeff Taylor
6                             Meka Sitcheran
7         Scott Lassey
8                             Monika Fischer

First Places:
50 Meters

3         Darryl Mullikin
5                             Brianna Scheff

100 Meters

3         Neil Spettel        Martika Burton
4                             Kathryn McAdam
5         Richard Hudson
6         Kristopher Couls    Sammi Jo Copeman
7         D'angelo Burton
8         Tim Schweickert     Amber Bockover

200 Meters

3         Aric Williams       Martika Burton
4                             Kathryn McAdam
5         Richard Hudson      Brittany Farmer
6         Todd Bernacil
7         D'angelo Burton     Rachel Schaffner
8         Tim Schweickert     Asia Williams

400 Meters

3         Aric Williams       Allison Hawkins
4         Andrew Wilson
5         Jeff Taylor
6         Kyle Sandoval
7                             Rachel Schaffner
8         Alex Morrison       Monika Fischer

800 Meters

3                             Allison Hawkins
6         Linus Schramski
7                             Mary Moruza
8         Ryan Heidrich       Monika Fischer


3                             Sophie Stocking
5         Jeff Taylor
6                             Katrina Fischer
8         Alex Morrison


3         Eric Stafford
5         Jeff Taylor         Brianna Scheff
6         Kristopher Couls
7         D'angelo Burton
8                             Allison Grandfield


3         Neil Spettel
5                             Brittany Farmer
8                             Amber Bockover


6                             Sammi Jo Copeman
8         Alex Morrison       Allison Grandfield

8         Tim Schweickert

Saturday May 9th, 8:30 a.m. Diocese Championship
Chabot College

ST. MICHAEL'S TRACK TEAM OF LIVERMORE DOMINATES THE OAKLAND DIOCESE CHAMPIONSHIP MEET AT CHABOT COLLEGE ON SATURDAY MAY 9TH. The season began Feb. 2nd. 92 athletes ranging from 1st graders to 8th graders have been working out 4 times a week 1 and 1/2 hours a day rain or shine. Their efforts paid off by having outstanding results in their regular meets and the team was outstanding in the Diocese championship meet at Chabot College on Sat. the 9th. 62 out of 92 athletes qualified to go to the Diocese championship meet by placing 1st, 2nd or third in the sectional championships the week prior. These kids have put in tremendous hours and for the second year in a row DOMINATED THE DIOCESE FINALS. The highlights are our relay teams. A new Diocese record was also set by Aric Williams, a third grader who ran the 400 meters in 1:10.07. Our coaching staff is exceptional and is listed in the following. The awards banquet is Tuesday, May 19th at 7:00 at St. Michael's Big Hall. Manager - Sherri Monroe 606-5726 Head Coach/coordinator Paul Hewitt Coaching staff: Floyd Malone Dean Williams Barney Stocking Debbie Farmer Dale Jones Dean Copeman Andre Peoples Dan Bergmann THE RESULTS OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP MEET The 4X100 Relays 3rd grade girls, Martika Burton, Francesca Barbalindardo, Mone Peoples and Allison Hawkins placed 1st at 1:10.84. 3rd grade boys, Darryl Mullikin, Neil Spettel, Eric Stafford, and Aric Williams placed 1st at 1:01.73. 4th grade girls, Kathryn McAdam, Sharon Bergmann, Kelly Stevelak, and Amanda Logue placed 3rd at 1:03.40. 4th grade boys, Jacob Farmer, Paul Muscat, Martin Galindez, and Andrew Wilson placed 3rd at 1:03.07. 5th grade girls, Brittany Farmer, Brianna Scheff, Linny Novecek and Krysten Bockover placed 2nd at 1:00.4. 5th grade boys, Richard Hudson, Coriee Peoples, Jeff Taylor and Avery Williams placed 1st at:59.71. 6th grade girls, Aly Monroe, Rosemarie Zapata, Meka Sitcheran and Sammi Jo Copeman placed 2nd at 57.88. 6th grade boys, Kris Couls, Spider Sandoval, Ozell Hudson and Todd Bernacil placed 2nd at :54.08. 7th grade girls , Rachel Schaffner, Trista Cassella, Sara Lavezzo and Katie Gallagher placed 1st at :56.28. 7th grade boys, D'angelo Burton, Daniel Hoover, Scott Lassey and Chris Lewis placed 1st at :53.72. The girls 4x400 team took first with 4:31.90 with the team consisting of 8th graders Monika Fischer, Asia Williams, 7th grader Rachel Schaffner, and 6th grader Aly Monroe. 50 Meters: 3rd grade Darryl Mullikin, 2nd place 7.84 4th grade Jacob Farmer, 1st place 7.9 100 Meters: 3rd grade Martika Burton, 1st place 15.49 5th grade Richard Hudson, 2nd place 14.6 6th grade Kris Couls, 3rd place 13.57 7th grade Trista Cassella, 2nd place 13.76 Katie Gallagher, 3rd place, 14.08 8th grade Amber Bockover, 3rd place 13.6 200Meters: 3rd grade Martika Burton, 1st place 32.64 Aric Williams, 1st place 30.30 Eric Stafford, 2nd place 32.39 5th grade Richard Hudson, 1st place 29.81 7th grade Trista Cassella, 2nd place 29.48 Rachel Schaffner, 3rd place 29.58 8th grade Asia Williams, 3rd place 29.11 400 Meters 3rd grade Aric Williams, 1st place 1:10.07 ***New record***** 6th grade Spider Sandaval, 2nd place 1:05.34 8th grade Monika Fischer, 2nd place 1:03.27 Asia Williams, 3rd place 1:03.37 Alex Morrison, 2nd place :55.96 800 Meters 3rd grade Allison Hawkins, 3rd place 3:00.73 8th grade Monika Fischer, 1st place 2:30.79 1600 Meters 3rd grade Sophie Stocking, 3rd place 6.48.52 5th grade Maria DeYoreo, 3rd place, no time available 8th grade Alex Morrison, 1st place, 5:10.27 Long Jump 3rd grade Eric Stafford, 2nd place, 11' 1 1/4" 5th grade Brittany Farmer, 2nd place, 13'6" 7th grade Trista Cassella, 1st place, 13' 5 1/4" Softball Throw 3rd grade Neil Spettel, 2nd place, 106'3" 5th grade Brittany Farmer, 2nd place 110'9" 8th grade Amber Bockover, 3rd place, 130' High Jump 5th grade Richard Hudson, 3rd place, 3'10" 6th grade Sammi Jo Copeman, 2nd place, 3'10" 7th grade Rachel Schaffner, 2nd place, 4'7" 8th grade Alex Morrison, 1st place, 4'10" Tetherball Throw 6th grade Kris Couls, 1st place, 101'5" 8th grade April Kisco, 3rd place, 89'9" Shot Put 8th grade Tim Schweickert, 45'2"

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